Terms of use:
1. Multiple accounts: Every player is allowed one account. If a player is found using more than one account, the main account will serve a 5-day suspension and the secondary account(s) will be suspended indefinitely. Any RC money gained from the use of more than one account will be recovered by staff. If the player continues to own more than account after the initial ban, the 5-day ban will double is 10, and then 20. If the player continues to own more than one account after the 20-day ban, the main account will be indefinitely suspended.

2. Same IP Users: If two or more players are playing on the same IP address (computer/internet connection) they may appear to be multiple account. If this is the case, please let staff know. Transactions between the accounts is still NOT permitted and the authenticity of both accounts will be confirmed by staff.

3. Account sharing: Two or more players cannot play on the same account. One account is the property of one player only. Any accounts that are found to be used by more than one player will be first warned, and if the problem persists, indefinitely suspended.

4. Account trading: Accounts may not be traded between players. Each account must be played by the person who created the account and the account may not be given, traded, or otherwise handed over to another player. Accounts that have been traded/given away will be suspended indefinitely.

5. Out of game trading: Players may not trade Ruthless City currency, items, or other goods in return for real life money, items, or goods, or any form of currency or goods on the internet or other online games. This not only hurts the integrity of the game, but also could hurt the game economy. This is a serious issue and offenders will be suspended for 7 days their first offense and indefinitely on the second offense or if the first offense is not corrected.

5. Scamming: Scamming players out of their money, items, properties, or other goods on Ruthless City is not allowed. This includes all game transactions, not limited to trades and stall purchases. Also, misleading people in the game for your benefit or leading someone to abuse a bug with or without their knowing is also prohibited.

6. Bug abuse: As with any game, there could be exploitable bugs in Ruthless City that staff have yet to discover. If you find a bug that in any way could jeopardize the integrity of the game, the players, or game play please report these bugs directly to a staff member. This does not include small bugs like grammar issues and gameplay bugs (energy issues etc.) which should be reported to the bugs and issues forum. Player who are found abusing a bug for in-game gains will be suspended depending on the severity of the abuse and any stats, money, or items gained through the bug will be removed.

7. Social rules: Ruthless City is an open game, although intended for a mature audience, that does include younger players as well as a wide range of social norms. These rules cover all forms of communication in Ruthless City including: Personal mails, forum posts, chat posts, events, profile signatures, and all other forms of communications and posting in Ruthless City. If a player violates these terms listed below, they will be banned from the means in which they posted the infringing material. Chat ban, mail ban, forum ban, etc. In more serious cases, the punishment can be worse is decided by Ruthless City staff.

8. Harassment: This takes on many forms including hate speech or derogatory words that are ethnic, religious, gender identity, sexual orientation, and misogynistic in nature. This also includes symbols of hate/discrimination (Nazi flad). This also includes real world threats and verbal cyberbullying.

9. Excessive Flaming: Although this is a crime game, flaming is bound to happen here and there - excessive flaming/going above and beyond making degrading comments towards other members or staff members will result in an instantanious and lengthy social ban (Mail, Chat and Forums) on the first offence, and could result in the suspension of your account if the player persists.

10. Obscene content: Pornographic, sexually graphic content, and violent material posted will not be tolerated.

11. Spamming: Similar to flaming, flooding any of the social means of communication with irrelevant and repeated information will not be tolerated.

12. Advertising: Advertising any other games, websites, or businesses on Ruthless City is strictly prohibited.

These rules are subject to change at any time and the final decision on any matter will be made by a staff member.